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Email interview by media reporter Paul Bischoff

Q: As concisely as you can, explain what your event is, what Eclipse is, and why their readers should care.

Eclipse Day China is the first Eclipse Day in China. It is full day activity for Eclipse enthusiast and Eclipse developers. The event has 21 topics in 2 tracks, and Hackathon run in parallel.

Eclipse Foundation is non-profits organization that acts as the steward of Eclipse open source community. There are 227 Eclipse projects. The most well-known of the Eclipse projects are the Eclipse platform, and the Eclipse IDE, a multilanguage software development environment. Less known are Jetty web server, Hudson CI server, vert.x framework, Orion in browser IDE and software developement tools for Java, JavaScript, PHP, C++.

Eclipse Foundation has 191 member companies and institutions. Strategic members are Actuate, Bredex, CA, Google, IBM, Innoopract, Itemis, Obeo, Oracle, SAP, Talend.

Eclipse as platform is used in a number of open-source projects and commercial products, like IBM Rational, SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio, Talend Open Studio, SpringSource STS, Aptana.

Q: For instance, why does Eclipse even deserve its own event? Is it really that big of a deal?

Eclipse community around the world has democamps in June & November, Eclipse Days in different countries and industries, and annual EclipseCon conference in US and Europe. Eclipse has millions of users around the world. Eclipse 4.2.2 IDE for Java EE Developers, for example, was downloaded more than 2,402,827 times since release in March.

Q: What will make the story I write exciting to our readers?

It is the first time Eclipse Day event is organized in China. The event has guests and speakers from IBM, Oracle, Pivotal, Actuate, ThoughtWorks, Funshion Online. There are English & Chinese sessions, that guests can select.

电子邮件采访(媒体记者 保罗·比肖夫)



Eclipse基金会是非营利组织,代表Eclipse开源社区,维护227个项目。 最知名的Eclipse项目Eclipse平台和Eclipse IDE,一个多语言的软件开发环境。 其项目还包括,Jetty Web服务器,Hudson CI服务器,框架vert.x,Orion和Java,JavaScript,PHP,C++的IDE。

Eclipse基金会有191个成员公司和机构。战略成员包括Actuate, Bredex, CA, Google, IBM, Innoopract, Itemis, Obeo, Oracle, SAP, Talend。

使用Eclipse作为平台中的开源项目和商业产品的有IBM Rational,SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio, SpringSource STS等。

问:举例来说,为什么有必要举行一个单独的关于Eclipse的活动? 真有那么重要?

从6月到11月,Eclipse社区在世界各地举行Democamps和Eclipse日,并在美国和欧洲每年的EclipseCon会议。 Eclipse有以百万计的世界各地的用户, 4.2.2版本的Eclipse IDE for Java EE自3月发布被下载超过2,402,827次。


Eclipse日活动,这是第一次在中国举办。 本次活动的嘉宾和演讲者来自IBM, Oracle, Pivotal, Actuate, ThoughtWorks, Funshion Online等。有英文和中文的演讲,参加者有很多选择。

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