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Eclipse 中国

Eclipse China

Eclipse Day China


Call for support! 募集赞助!

北京 2013年6月29日 (周六)full day


official page Eclipse Day China



The event is free, please register ASAP to reserve your seat. 此次活动免费,因席位有限,请务必尽早注册预留席位。

Registrations is closed. Limited number of guests (up to 10) can join remotely via WebEx. Contact organizers. There is waiting list on 报名结束了。只有等着的列表。试试你的机会。

If you are coming from other city (not Beijing) or want to do demo or help around on Eclipse Day, please contact organizers. We need person who will lead Track 2 (come with notebook, connect with remote presenters, be whole day on the site). Speakers and co-organizers are always welcomed!

如果你要从另外的城市来,请联系我们能不能帮助你们。I you are coming from other city please contact us if we can help you.

Registration was on | 报名结束了。注册的在

Organizers 组织者

Actuate_logo_SM.jpg TW-lg-small.png Funshion-logo-294.PNG

JVM-and-Node-2-micro.png Jin-logo-micro.jpg


Location 场地

ThoughtWorks Beijing Office

Date and Time 时间

Agenda 议程

Eclipse编程马拉松活动(Eclipse Hackathon)

Topics voting 主题投票

See official agenda at


Lucky draw prize Blackberry_Q10_Black-small.png (for those registered before June 18th) is provided by BlackBerry company Blackberry_Logo_230px.svg.png

See also speakers.

Presentations materials 演示资料

Are now on separate page 现在在这里


In media 媒体


big list of links

Event coverage

Entertainment 娱乐

A: One is called 糖果, which locates in the north of Yonghegong bridge; Another is 钱柜, on the south of Yonghegong bridge.
Both are great :)

Contacts 联系方式

Eclipse中国QQ群 321486747

Paul Verest +86 187 01029146, email

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