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Eclipse 中国

Eclipse China

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*2. Jianfeng Liu
Jianfeng Liu
eBay Engineering Consultants Ltd
Shanghai City, China

*4. Manuel Bork
Manuel Bork
Product Manager bei Yatta Solutions GmbH

*5. Rabea Gransberger
Rabea Gransberger
Software Engineer bei MEKO-S GmbH
(frequent software conference speaker)

*6. Jin Mingjian
Jin Mingjian
Technical Staff at Oracle Research and Development Center - Beijing

*7. Thomas Schuetz
Thomas Schuetz
Protos Software GmbH, CEO
Munich Area, Germany

*8. Andreas Graf
Andreas Graf
BDM Automotive at itemis

*9. Karsten Thoms
Karsten Thoms
Software Architect at itemis AG
Essen Area, Germany

Anton Arhipov
JRebel Product Manager at ZeroTurnaround

*11. Matthias Zimmermann
Matthias Zimmermann
Eclipse Scout Co-Lead

*12. 杨光福
Funshion Online 风行网

*13. Liu_Wu.jpg
Liu Wu
Talend China

*14. Giampiero Granatella
Giampiero Granatella
Software Architect at ManyDesigns
Genoa Area, Italy

*18. Ekkehard Gentz
Ekkehard Gentz
BlackBerry Elite Member: International Development Mobile Apps BlackBerry 10 - Cascades, Trainings, Workshops, and more
Munich Area, Germany

*19. Fred Bricon
Fred Bricon
Project Lead for m2e-wtp at Eclipse Foundation
Paris Area, France

*22. Michael Isvy
Education Manager for the Asia-Pacific region at Pivotal (SpringSource is a division of Pivotal)
Paris Area, France

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