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Eclipse 中国

Eclipse China

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Eclipse Day China Materials 活动演示资料

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  1. [Eclipse organization, members and projects (中文) Eclipse组织和项目介绍](
  2. Eclipse VJET (中文) Jianfeng Liu
  3. Open source story Nodeclipse 在Eclipse开发Node.js (中文)
  4. Modeling and Programming going hand in hand with UML Lab - an Eclipse-based Modeling IDE by Manuel Bork, Yatta Solutions sfw
  5. Eclipse Java IDE Tips and Tricks (How to work more effectively) by Rabea Gransberger
  6. Eclipse 4 Programming Model (中文) by Jin Mingjian
  7. Development of Embedded Systems with eTrice by Thomas Schuetz,
  8. Implementing complex graphical editors with model-driven technologies by Andreas Graf (中文&English), screen-cast
  9. Internal DSLs with Xtend, by Karsten Thoms,
  10. JRebel plugin for Eclipse by Anton Arhipov,
  11. Implementing Mobile Business Applications with Eclipse Scout, by Matthias Zimmermann, BSI Business Systems Integration AG videos
  12. Eclipse ADT (Android Development Tools) by 杨光福
  13. Talend Big Data Open Solution (中文) (Chen Bin, Liu Wu)
  14. How to use Eclipse to write and debug Groovy scripts on a live web application, Giampiero Granatella ManyDesigns, Eclipse
  15. Using the Eclipse Java Development Tools (JDT) to analyze source code by Trent Hoeppner, IBM China
  16. 基于Eclipse的BIRT (BIRT on Eclipse), (中文) by 刘叶, Actuate Software China
  17. 如何用BIRT创建应用 (How to Build Application on BIRT), (中文) by 朱倩, Actuate Software China
  18. Ekke’s demo the new Eclipse Momentics IDE (BlackBerry): live hacking - no slides, but big video (download).
  19. Working with Maven in Eclipse html pdf by by Fred Bricon, Red Hat, Inc
  20. Refactoring on Eclipse(About refactoring guidelines and demonstrate examples using Eclipse’s refactoring tool), by 李彦辉, ThoughtWorks
  21. 基于Eclipse Debug Framework 的流程编辑器调试功能的实现(Implementing debug functionality for process editor based on Eclipse Debug Framework), by 孙镌宸, ThoughtWorks
  22. Getting started with Spring Tool Suite (English 中文) by Michael Isvy, APJ Education Manager at Pivotal (SpringSource) was presented in person.
[Details 详细信息](

Lucky Draw 幸运大抽奖

The lucky draw BlackBerry Q10 winner is Laura who gave also correct answer to BlackBerry Momentics IDE question by Ekke (topic 18).
Laura Blackberry_Q10_Black.png

Follow-ups 跟进

Eclipse in browser demo (actually using Eclipse RAP) by Chinese company SiteView. 北京游龙网网络科技. 用Eclipse RAP实现的产品

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