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Eclipse 中国

Eclipse China

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Eclipse DemoDays in November

This is preparation page for November Days China (Beijing & ShangHai).
Planned date is November 23th, Saturday. 我们打算11月30号周六在准备Day活动。和我们一起来吧。给世界演示中国的成功,给大家分享。

This time is will be shorter, but more tracks (when more speakers), so hopefully some specialized tracks will be there.

Proposed topic tracks are Tools, Architecture (not limited).
Topics should be Eclipse-related, but as we expect to have 20 and more topics some may be general about software development.

Although some would like to have Chinese-only or English-only tracks, I think it would be bad practice, that would favor laziness not to study other languages. Sessions would be grouped by content not language.

I hope guest select topics by interest, not by language used.

Wanted/proposed 希望或者建议

Especially wanted Chinese speakers & presenters.
非常希望跟多中国朋友来讲,演示自己做的。 如果你了解上面的主题欢迎欢迎给大家分享。

We are going to share remote sessions with other cities, that is easy but requires some preparations.

guests wait-list

For presenters 讲师注意

1 slot is 30 minutes.

please give 请提供

email to organizers 联系组织者

We do not pay speaking fees or reimburse speakers for travel costs. If we get event budget it will be spent first on care for developers and making the event higher level, like lunch, T-shirts, entertainment (like music). If your company is sponsoring, you can say where to you would like to help.


The submission deadline is October 31th. The agenda will be announce 3-4 weeks before the event.


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