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China topped US by number of Eclipse IDE plugins installed.

Eclipse IDE plugins monthly installs by country


OSGi Outreach in China

OSGi Outreach (first ever OSGi event in China) on March 28th, 2017 in Shenzhen Huawei headquarters. See "OSGi Developer Event in China" article. Visit OSGi中国用户论坛.

Eclipse IoT

Eclipse IoT March 7th 2017, 7pm (at Shenzhen JUG meeting) Mike Milinkovich (Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation) was special guest presenter.


propose topic in any city | 在任何城市建议主题

上海 Eclipse Neon DemoCamp in Shanghai 2016


深圳 Eclipse Neon DemoCamp in Shenzhen 2016


Eclipse Mars DemoCamp in Shenzhen | 深圳


Eclipse November 2014 DemoCamp in Beijing

时间 : Friday, November 7th 7pm 11月7号 周五19点
Time Topic Presenter Description
19:00 Eating pizza, drinking, talking Pizza is an oven-baked flat bread typically topped with tomato sauce and cheese.
19:30 1) Eclipse organization, members and projects |
Eclipse组织和项目介绍 2) Enide Studio 2014 as Eclipse IDE for Node.js and Java (English & 中文)
Paul Verest Why Eclipse is great, Eclipse latest news and projects updates
20:00 用XWT开发界面 深圳松亚科技Soyatec
20:30 Eclipse Cloud Development and Codenvy Stévan Le Meur via skype
21:00 Tabris.js - crossplatform development from EclipseSource via skype
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Materials 资料

Eclipse 4.4 Luna 北京 DemoDay

时间 : Saturday, June 28th 2pm 6月28号 周六 2点
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New forum! 新的论坛!


Merry Christmas! 圣诞快乐!

November DemoDays

11月30日在武汉,长沙,广州; 12月14日在北京

Eclipse Day Video

check for event online video Eclipse Day 中国 在线视频

After Eclipse Day Announces 公布

Events have passed. Check for materials on Day materials page.

两个活动结束了. 查看 活动资料网页。

.. and wait for next big thing.


Speakers, supporter please check here 欢迎欢迎下一个活动讲师,志愿者,赞助 ,组织者。

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China DemoDays Java, JavaScript

Eclipse Day China


Call for support! 募集赞助!

北京 2013年6月29日 (周六)full day

official page Eclipse Day China

Speakers | 讲师

Eclipse编程马拉松活动(Eclipse Hackathon)

Location: ThoughtWorks Beijing Office

More details on Day page | 跟多详细在Day网页

The event is free, please register ASAP to reserve your seat. 此次活动免费,因席位有限,请务必尽早注册预留席位。

Registrations is closed. Limited number of guests (up to 10) can join remotely via WebEx. Contact organizers. There is waiting list on 报名结束了。只有等着的列表。试试你的机会。 If you are coming from other city (not Beijing) or want to do demo or help around on Eclipse Day, please contact organizers. We need person who will lead Track 2 (come with notebook, connect with remote presenters, be whole day on the site). Speakers and co-organizers are always welcomed! 如果你要从另外的城市来,请联系我们能不能帮助你们。I you are coming from other city please contact us if we can help you.

Register was on | 报名结束了。注册的在

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Languages under Eclipse

Eclipse Day 中国 Poster 海报

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Beijing Thursday 北京周四

DemoCamp Beijing Thursday 北京 2013年6月20日 7点 (周四)

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